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sea lo que sea

what will be, will be

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I journal whatever whenever, but a majority of the time it's to complain. :-) Occassionally I write while suffering from sleep deprivation and end up making an intended-to-be private post filled with personal revelations public. If you would love to find out some of my deepest secrets and angsts that way, then by all means friend me. It's likely to happen again sooner or later.

I write fanfiction, but seldom post it here. I make icons and do post them here.

I comment when I have something to say. Depending on how well I know you, that varies. I also believe in comment!karma. Comment on my entries, and I'll make that much more of an effort to comment on yours. I check my info page sporadically for new friends, but I'd appreciate a comment if you happen to friend me. I'll gladly reciprocate the action so long as you are capable of typing in a more sophisticated manner than banging your head against the keyboard repeatedly.

Huge thanks to kaaatie for making the animated SGA mood theme!